Public Records Request

Tri-County Apprenticeship Academy (TCAA) allows you to submit your public records request conveniently online.  To get started, please fill out the form below.

Pursuant to Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, no fields are required; however, if you choose to make a public records request using this form, please provide at least one method of contact, with a subject and detailed request.

In order to help us provide you the best response to your request, please carefully consider providing specific information. Please know that broad requests can take longer to fulfill and may become costly for the requester.


Will there be a cost associated with my request?

Pursuant to Florida law, Tri-County Apprenticeship Academy may implement a special services charge that is reasonable and reflects actual costs when the nature and volume of public records requested requires extensive use of resources. Florida courts have interpreted “extensive use” to mean when the process to produce the records (including collection and review for exempt and/or confidential material) takes more than 15 minutes.

TCAA will furnish copies of public records based on the following fee schedule:

  • Staff time in excess of fifteen (15) minutes – base hourly rate of staff compiling the request.
  • Single-sided copies – $0.15 each; double-sided copies – $0.20 each.
  • The full cost of postage and packaging will be charged to the requester.

How can I obtain student transcripts or student records directly?

If you are seeking transcripts for yourself or a former student you MUST request them by emailing the request to:
Jill Hagen  – or –
Christine Sardina

Based on Apprenticeship Standards TCAA is only required to maintain apprentice records for 5 years upon completion or withdrawal from our program.

If you are requesting Student records of a current student you must contact the academy during Office Hours, Monday-Thursday 9:00am-7:00pm. Office number is (239) 225-0995.